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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dog Eared YAs: Breathe (A Ghost Story)

Hey guys!

The school holidays just started so I'm FINALLY FREE to start reading all the books that I want again! The one that I just finished was a book from the horror genre that a friend recommended to me! And its title is....


If I saw this house, I would maintain a 30000 mile
distance between me and the house. 


Jack and his mom Sarah move to a new house after his father's death. Jack starts seeing ghosts that only he can hear or talk to. There is mother ghost and four child ghosts. The children warn him about mother ghost and he starts to worry....

^Short and sweet blurbs are my favourite kinds! :)


Without a doubt, I absolutely CANNOT stand horror movies and books because they scare the living daylights out of me and I would rather spend that time blogging.

Yet, BREATHE: A GHOST STORY was an exceptionally inviting book simply because of the brilliant writer's craft.

I was hooked in by the premise of the book and each chapter seemed to offer a insighful new perspective into the entire mystery and haunting of Ghost Mother.

I found the storyline of this book fairly unique but then again, perhaps that was due to the fact that i rarely read horror books (with the exception of I Am Legend, if you consider that as horror :P).

McNish was also excellent at describing Jack's feelings when he had asthma attacks. At some points in time, I was so drawn into his descriptive paragraphs that it seemed as if I was the one having asthma attacks. 

The tone was set well early in the book with Jack's father's death being a lead-in into further hauntings and near-death encounters. The haunted house, while being very cliched, helped to create the creepy atmosphere and stretched readers out of their comfort zone.

In essence, BREATHE: A GHOST STORY was a refreshing, intense read which taught me that love never dies and that humans (or ghosts, in this context!) may resort to terrible means in order to achieve their goals.

It's tragic, but true :(